Friday, April 27, 2007

Attempt at photos

The purpose of this blog is to keep our families informed as we take our first real RV trip. Thanks to Hallie for the idea. I plan to let all the family members blog as we go along but I am setting things up.

We bought this lovely trailer from our friends earlier in the year. We are very excited about using it. We took a "shakedown" trip on Easter weekend. It was cold and miserable but we learned a lot.

This is the gas-guzzler that will pull the trailer.

AKA The Kurgan

These are some inside photos.

The "living room"

The master bedroom

I am a little clumsy with the pictures but I will keep working on it. Yakov wants me to show you the bathroom for the size-impaired, but not our size-impairment. Maybe next time.


ETHAN & FAMILY said...

It looks great!!
When are you guys coming to Tampa?
Reserve the date ..... Sunday October 28th/2007.... Isabella's Birthday!

Traveling Jews said...

We'll make every effort. Can't wait to see you all again. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

This already looks great!! Can't wait to follow your travels!!!