Monday, July 30, 2007

USS Yorktown and scrapbooking

Noach and JP went to Charleston with the Cub Scout pack and spent Saturday night on the Yorktown. JP is quite interested in military things. Noach sat in many planes and guns.

They slept here.

Just another reminder that people should have their children when they are younger than we were when ours were born.

They had fun.

Well, I had fun too. Shoshie and I had a scrapbooking party Saturday night. I worked on our travel trailer and recent trip book. Shosie actually spent the time trying to knit a sock, preferably one that will fit her foot. A bit of a challenge, it seems.

New trip starting next weekend.


Friday, July 20, 2007

I am sad

Tomorrow is the last service with the much beloved Rabbi. As the small congregation has gotten smaller, we cannot support a full time rabbi. And so Rabbi Fox and Carole will be moving to Arkansas.

If I am a successful Jewish parent, i.e. my grandchildren are Jews, then I will owe much of that to Rabbi. My children have, with little complaint, continued to go to religious school most Sunday mornings long after other Jewish teens have quit. And it is because they look forward to talking with him, hanging out with him. I asked Yakov a few weeks ago if he was through with religious school now that he has finished confirmation and he said no,
I think I'll checkout the new rabbi before I decide. May he always think of Rabbis and shuls as sources of interest and knowledge and good times.

My heart is heavy as I recall the Shabbats while Yakov and Shoshie were preparing for their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Jake, doing the old Jew dance, and Jean, now both dead. Of course, they were each nearly 100. Danna and Madeline. The Bialiks. So many people who have shared our Shabbats and moved on. I am so glad we have the group trip to Israel to remember. That I will treasure forever.

And we will go to Arkansas and see the Rabbi and Carole next time we go to Memphis. Maybe Noach can have his Bar Mitzvah there, if we can't talk him into going to Israel for it.


Tonight is the night

We have been waiting for the new Harry Potter, like so many millions around the world. JP and I have heard the first four books on long family trips. But that was years ago. Then last month I wanted to catch up in anticipation of this last book. I did not have time to read them all but that was in the back of my mind when I bought a copy of the first book at the Scholastic warehouse sale in June.

So I decided to read 5 and 6. I had to get The Order of the Phoenix at the library since Lizzy, in a fit of pique peed on the hard cover copy we had. Yakov then convinced me that the 5th was too long and the plot too convoluted to be worth the time. He gave me a 3 minute synopsis and said I could start the 6th, which I did.

Noach wanted me to read it aloud to him since he really doesn't have the patience to read it to himself. I started but we were running out of time. Right before our trip to Boston, I managed to get a copy of the CDs from the library and we listened to them on our trip. Yakov was happy to listen also. I had many questions since I had skipped the details of the 5th book. Subsequently I saw the movie. I'm sure much was left out but I think I have the important stuff.

Now it is time for the finale. I am a little sad about that. But still anxious to find out what happens. This morning Noach, Shoshie and I sealed in an envelope our predictions for who will die. I predict Snape to be good but to die. I think Bill Weasley and Hagrid are doomed. I hope none of the central three die.

Well, the HP stories have had a good run here. Shoshie was an early reader when we got the first tapes, yes, tapes. She really improved her reading fluency listening and reading along. I have no doubt she would have been a reader without HP but she has enjoyed the books. She has read the Redwall books nearly as much.

So in a couple of hours, we will get the last book. And Noach and I will steal it while she sleeps to read it aloud until we finish. Which may take a while.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

First Letterbox Plant

This is so much fun. On Monday, Noah and I planted our first letterbox. We decided to follow our other current interest, Harry Potter, as the background. Recently Noah and I walked through an area with lakeside trails off East Fork Road. It seemed like the perfect "Forbidden Forest". I think we can find unicorns and werewolves and, perhaps even a whomping willow, well maybe not a willow.

We walked about a mile and found a place to hide the box. Noah put it between three trees growing out of one trunk - FLUFFY! We looked for some other HP connections.

Yesterday we went with our friends who were using our clues to see if they can find it. They did.

This morning I edited the clues a bit for clarity and interest and posted the box on Atlas Quest and I hope someone finds it soon and lets us know. And I have my next stamp so we need to get ready to place another.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

My baby's comin' home

Tomorrow. I missed her.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Back Home

I drove all the way home from Connecticut yesterday. We had a lovely time visiting with family.

I left Yakov at camp in Boston. What a crowd! It had not occurred to me that here would be so many campers. The lines to register were long and it was hot. And Yakov was out of his usual element, a little unhappy. BUT,
as Noach and I were trying to get back to the turnpike, we caught sight of him one last time and there he was talking to 2 guys. He will be fine. I envy his social skills.


Friday, July 6, 2007

On the Road

The boys and I spent the night in Delaware, on the road to Connecticut, and finally Boston.

We stopped on I-85 at the Virginia Welcome Center and found a letterbox. Sadly this may be the only one we find this trip. It is unfortunate because the boxes are abundant in CT but we just don't have time.

Pictures to follow


Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This is a new interest for me. The kids are less enthusiastic. I have picked out 2 boxes that are on the way to Boston, both at rest areas on I-95. I hope we can find them. Yakov has not done letterboxing - he was always too busy to go with us. Perhaps he will be intrigued.


Fireworks Camp

Now here is the camp for Yakov from today's NY Times.

A Summer Camp Where Fireworks Are the Point

I hope Berklee can measure up to this. It will be hard.


Sunday, July 1, 2007

A New Trip

We will be taking a new trip in a few days. Noach and I will be taking Yakov to his summer camp in Boston. We will be leaving Thursday and staying Friday and Saturday nights with my aunt in Connecticut. I am trying to find some cool site to visit Thursday on the way north. We may cross the Chesapeake in some new and different way.