Thursday, July 19, 2007

First Letterbox Plant

This is so much fun. On Monday, Noah and I planted our first letterbox. We decided to follow our other current interest, Harry Potter, as the background. Recently Noah and I walked through an area with lakeside trails off East Fork Road. It seemed like the perfect "Forbidden Forest". I think we can find unicorns and werewolves and, perhaps even a whomping willow, well maybe not a willow.

We walked about a mile and found a place to hide the box. Noah put it between three trees growing out of one trunk - FLUFFY! We looked for some other HP connections.

Yesterday we went with our friends who were using our clues to see if they can find it. They did.

This morning I edited the clues a bit for clarity and interest and posted the box on Atlas Quest and I hope someone finds it soon and lets us know. And I have my next stamp so we need to get ready to place another.


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