Friday, July 20, 2007

Tonight is the night

We have been waiting for the new Harry Potter, like so many millions around the world. JP and I have heard the first four books on long family trips. But that was years ago. Then last month I wanted to catch up in anticipation of this last book. I did not have time to read them all but that was in the back of my mind when I bought a copy of the first book at the Scholastic warehouse sale in June.

So I decided to read 5 and 6. I had to get The Order of the Phoenix at the library since Lizzy, in a fit of pique peed on the hard cover copy we had. Yakov then convinced me that the 5th was too long and the plot too convoluted to be worth the time. He gave me a 3 minute synopsis and said I could start the 6th, which I did.

Noach wanted me to read it aloud to him since he really doesn't have the patience to read it to himself. I started but we were running out of time. Right before our trip to Boston, I managed to get a copy of the CDs from the library and we listened to them on our trip. Yakov was happy to listen also. I had many questions since I had skipped the details of the 5th book. Subsequently I saw the movie. I'm sure much was left out but I think I have the important stuff.

Now it is time for the finale. I am a little sad about that. But still anxious to find out what happens. This morning Noach, Shoshie and I sealed in an envelope our predictions for who will die. I predict Snape to be good but to die. I think Bill Weasley and Hagrid are doomed. I hope none of the central three die.

Well, the HP stories have had a good run here. Shoshie was an early reader when we got the first tapes, yes, tapes. She really improved her reading fluency listening and reading along. I have no doubt she would have been a reader without HP but she has enjoyed the books. She has read the Redwall books nearly as much.

So in a couple of hours, we will get the last book. And Noach and I will steal it while she sleeps to read it aloud until we finish. Which may take a while.


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