Friday, July 20, 2007

I am sad

Tomorrow is the last service with the much beloved Rabbi. As the small congregation has gotten smaller, we cannot support a full time rabbi. And so Rabbi Fox and Carole will be moving to Arkansas.

If I am a successful Jewish parent, i.e. my grandchildren are Jews, then I will owe much of that to Rabbi. My children have, with little complaint, continued to go to religious school most Sunday mornings long after other Jewish teens have quit. And it is because they look forward to talking with him, hanging out with him. I asked Yakov a few weeks ago if he was through with religious school now that he has finished confirmation and he said no,
I think I'll checkout the new rabbi before I decide. May he always think of Rabbis and shuls as sources of interest and knowledge and good times.

My heart is heavy as I recall the Shabbats while Yakov and Shoshie were preparing for their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Jake, doing the old Jew dance, and Jean, now both dead. Of course, they were each nearly 100. Danna and Madeline. The Bialiks. So many people who have shared our Shabbats and moved on. I am so glad we have the group trip to Israel to remember. That I will treasure forever.

And we will go to Arkansas and see the Rabbi and Carole next time we go to Memphis. Maybe Noach can have his Bar Mitzvah there, if we can't talk him into going to Israel for it.


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