Sunday, May 10, 2009

On the road again

We left home Saturday for our annual trailer vacation, with San Antonio and Austin as our goals. The first day was, as always, trying. The teens have mixed feelings about leaving their friends but they also have fun traveling. Thus this inner conflict is expressed in lots of external conflict.

We were on the road by early afternoon and traveled about 200 miles, to Anderson, SC. Even that short journey was not uneventful, because of the sudden expulsion of the passenger side windshield wiper in a rainstorm. We traveled the last few miles with a wad of napkin affixed with duck tape to the metal end of the wiper arm.

This morning we had a festive Mother's Day breakfast at Denny's. It was fun if not particularly good. Note to Aunt H- One of the breakfast items was Moon Over My Hammy.
Tonight we had a pleasant meal here in our little mobile home. PRM


Lorna said...

Have a wonderful trip! We have had some very special adventures in our caravan. I am very excited for you. I especially like your table setting :-)

Anonymous said...

Found the blog in my favs. Hope you guys are having a good time and not killing each other.Love Ethan