Sunday, December 20, 2009

Well, that was unexpected

Last Wednesday, Noach, Shoshie and I took a short trip to Tennessee to see my mom for a few days. We spent 2 days visiting with her and other elderly family members and had quite a good time. We planned to return Saturday, leaving early in the morning in order to be here for the return of Yakov who is coming home from Israel for 2 weeks.

That was the plan. Before the snowstorm. The storm dumped 12 inches or more on much of our path back home. And even more in Newark where Yakov 's plane from Tel Aviv was to arrive.

We plotted a new course, driving about 30% farther but coming home from the south where it had warmed up enough for the roads to be clear. We had to spend last night on the road but we did get home safely this morning.

Yakov is not here yet. His flight from Tel Aviv must have been largely unchanged because he was in Newark at about the expected time. But his flight home from there was canceled. He was stranded in the airport for at least 24 hours, possibly longer. He had $20 and no credit cards, no cell phone or warm clothes.

The Young Judaea family network to the rescue! Shoshie contacted a friend of hers in NYC. She and her family welcomed him into their home last night. He took a taxi from Newark into the city and they were planning to pay for his taxi. The details of his visit with them are not known to me but I cannot express how much we appreciate their helping him out.

He is supposed to get home tonight but the plane is already delayed. And he still doesn't have a cell phone so we can't communicate with him easily.

I will be happy when this adventure finally comes to a happy ending and all our little ducks are tucked into their own beds. Tonight? PRM

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