Sunday, April 27, 2008

Murderous Maths and Horrible Science

Previously I have expressed my dislike for framing things negatively when you really want them to be thought of positively.
For example, which image makes you want to read poetry?

So I avoided Horrible Science and Murderous Maths. But what about this?Yes, that is the reluctant-reader Noach reading a Horrible Science magazine. And no one told him to do so.

I don't remember why I even brought a Murderous Maths book into the house last fall but it was a fortuitous choice. Now we are reading through the math series together everyday. We often need paper and pencil to follow along but we have learned some handy math tricks. Doing sums may be derided in the text but the beauty and fun of mathematics is celebrated.

Since the maths books were such a hit, I ordered, via Ray, some science titles and, eventually, some of the magazines. Noach is especially fond of the magazines.

While studying evolution, we read Evolve or Die from the series and I thought the science was pretty accurate. I find the attitude in the science books a bit more annoying than in the math books but it is appreciated by Noach.

So far I have resisted Horrible Histories but maybe I shouldn't. PRM

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