Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting back in the groove

I am ready for a routine. The summer has been pleasant and rather restful but it is my nature to have a pattern to my days and weeks. And the summer lacks that. I don't want regimented days, just a pattern, a few sticking points about which to build the web of our days. Although the image of a web is too structured for what I really like.

This morning Shoshie and Yakov signed up for community college classes. This will be the first semester for Shosh who chose 3 classes, Spanish I, Anthropology and English Composition. I think the Spanish will be an easy review for her and she was very lucky to get it. They can only register for classes after the regular students do so and many high-demand courses, like Spanish and entry level math classes are hard to get into. Such courses are easier to find in the spring when the enrollment falls.

Yakov is taking the 2nd semester of Astronomy and an online Anthropology. He has not taken an online community college course before. He will need to finish German II with Oklahoma State. At home, he will finish American History. This is a seminar course with Mom. We both found textbooks boring so he will be reading some biographies, perhaps some David McCullough, then writing a paper regularly.

Community college starts next Tuesday. Wednesday, we are going to a baseball game with friends. So we will be starting off slowly. PRM

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