Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Newest family member

Shoshie has been volunteering at the local nature center, helping run their week-long day camps. She has decided that she does not want to be an elementary teacher, " they're whiny brats", but she may want to be a naturalist. A corn snake was her first love at the center and she was saving her money to buy one. Then yesterday morning, as happens frequently there, someone brought in an animal they rescued. This was an Eastern Painted Turtle with a patched shell and a broken, now useless arm. He/She is quite lovely and has been adopted by us for the next few months. The center naturalist suggested that in the late fall we could let him go. Shoshie is somewhat reluctant to bond with this little creature. I think she is afraid that he will not survive. Or perhaps that she will not want to let him go in November.

For now, he needs a name. Any suggestions? We are up to the letter M, so it should begin with an M. Marmalade? Moxie? Myrtle? PRM


Aunt H said...

I suggest "Maitri," the Sanskrit word for "loving-kindness."

Pronounced "My-tree."


Aunt H

Ruth in NC said...

I like that name. I'll discuss it with Shoshie.

Love, R