Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun Friday

Fun Friday was limited yesterday as I was recovering from a bit of arthroscopic knee surgery. I had to keep my knee iced and elevated so Noach moved a tray table to my bedside to do his work.

He did Think! Challenge Week 6. His bridge held 161 pennies. The challenge was to be measured in quarters but we didn't have that many quarters so we had to do some MATH! Quarters weigh 5.7g and pennies weigh 2.5g. He converted the 161 pennies into 70.6 quarters-weight.

Noach was a good and enthusiastic helper yesterday. He has gone on a scout camping trip today and I will miss his help. But I am MUCH more comfortable moving around today. PRM


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Aunt H said...

Love and kisses from all of us!

-Aunt H, et al.

Lorna said...

Get well soon! We are enjoying trying the new Think! challenge and having a Fun Friday inspired by your blog. Thank you.