Thursday, October 23, 2008

In the works

So many IMPORTANT ongoing projects-

1. Yakov has to apply to colleges SOON. This is our first homeschooler to do that and it is vedddy scarrrry. How to present him, this very special boy, who has never met a stranger, reads Machiavelli for fun. He can play practically any instrument but no longer wants a career in music. He loves blowing things up and videoing it. Maybe I should keep some of that to myself.

2. Yakov has to apply to colleges SOON. He got his SAT scores this morning so maybe he will finally start applying. He has been rather unmotivated and I'm hoping his good scores will change that.

3. Noach will be Bar Mitzvah next summer. We finally made a decision on the place. Now I have to get everyone's schedules for next summer and find an available weekend when his siblings will be in the US. I expect the window of opportunity to be narrow, perhaps 2 or 3 weekends. And then, what kind of event, where, ...?

It never seems as overwhelming when you write it down. So why am I waking up in a sweat many nights? PRM

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Anonymous said...

All about sat scores, ya can watch here:
Better to see once than a thousand times to hear or read!