Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just in time

the periodic table pillowcase is finished so it can be shown to Grandma and Aunt H over the holiday. Some additional decorations may be added later to the background. The radioactive elements are noted by glow-in-the dark paint. This cool project comes from The Elements by Ellen McHenry, which was first brought to my attention by Lorna.

We are finishing The Elements soon and may do a bit of biology before continuing with Carbon Chemistry. My young lab kids will be doing biology after the winter break so I may try to coordinate Noach's lab and home science for awhile. PRM


Lorna said...

What a fantastic job you've done Noach! Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family.

Aunt H said...

It was fantastic to see the project in person, not to mention all of you! We love and miss you.

-Aunt H

Fairion said...

It looks great! A really cool idea. And this is from someone who used to teach the elements professionally (8th grade Science here) Did you do the entire Elements curriculum by Ellen McHenry? What do you use as a science curriculum or do you design your own?

Ruth in NC said...

In the 10 years we have been doing this, I've done a bit of everything. Now I organize much of our science myself. We did do The Elements from beginning to end but generally I like a bit of variety so I don't think I could do a whole year of one thing.

With the biology we are doing now, I picked out the topics I wanted to cover, scoured our library and the public library for books and ordered a few, and searched the internet for labs. There is so much on the internet that picking and choosing is the hardest part.