Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well, it was an eventful trip

Our 3 day trip turned into a 5 day trip when our flight home was canceled because of mechanical problems with the plane. This episode involved several hours in the Tampa airport, as well as a bit of time on the plane. We got as far as taxiing toward the runway when there was a loud loss of sound. It was amazing how loud the sudden loss of noise can be. The agitation of the other passengers and the general situation really began to frighten Noach who was glad to finally leave the airport and go back to oldest brother's home.

We took an extra day, Sunday, to relax, and came home mid-day Monday. Noach was still pretty nervous about the flights. Any unexpected noise caused him to ask, What's that?

We did have a wonderful time with our family, oldest son, the Big E, his wife and 2 year old daughter. We got lots of hugs and kisses. She loved to be chased through the house by Noach. This would provoke a joyous shriek that could almost break glass. I took a number of pictures but most are out of focus because 2 year olds keep moving. Every little girl should have an uncle who will get down on the floor with her. Noach was an enthusiastic participant."Look at me, Flacco." Flacco is getting a hair band. Every little one needs a sweet, tolerant dog to play with, too. Flacco, aka Hendrix, is a wonderful companion for a little girl.

We are glad to be home, but looking forward to our next trip in 3 months. PRM


Aunt H said...


Still, it was lagniappe to spend extra time with Oldest Son and Family.

Grandbaby is gorgeous.


Aunt H.

P.S. Let's compare harrowing flight stories next time we talk. As you mentioned, the worst part of a harrowing flight is not so much the actual problem as it is the distress of the other passengers and (sometimes) the flight attendants. Hard as it may be to believe, I have a tendency to stay calm in such situations. It's the every-day stuff that sends me into a panic.

Ruth in NC said...

We'll talk soon, won't we? See you in a few days! pr