Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday nights at the theatre

Last Saturday night our family saw this.It starred the man who was Jesus in the 1973 movie. He's 65 now, not exactly the young rabblerouser that one thinks of as Jesus. His voice was a little weak, not terrible, and it did get better after the first few songs. Otherwise it was a very good production. Mary Magdalene and Judas were especially well done.Last night, we saw this. With Topol. I hope I have that much energy in my 70s. It was a beautiful production. The hardest part was to keep from singing with the cast. That was a problem last week as well.

Music is a big focus in this home and we always enjoy live music which we, at least the adults, see too rarely. PRM

PS I can't seem to make the font uniform. Sorry.

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Meg_L said...

We ended up seeing JCS twice when it came through because it played in Indy and then in town and we JUST had to see it. It was nice because we got to see both actors play Judas.

Fiddler is in Chicago in June and it's already on my calendar - can't wait!!