Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Terror in Teddy Town

or Natural Selection in the Teddy Graham World

Teddies are a peaceful species that have lived separately from other cookie species for several generations. There are two kinds of Teddies, those that react to stress by holding their arms up, squealing and running for cover and those that react to stress by having what looks like a temper tantrum with arms rigidly at their sides, feet apart and standing still.

A band of monsters have entered the Teddy homeland. These monsters include the infamous Teddy Muncher, Grrrrrrr, Graham Grinder and Fluffy and they have chocolate cookie on their minds. With each raid, they reduce the population by 4 Teddies but always the ones who stand there with their arms at their sides looking defiant. These monsters are not interested in unnecessary chasing. Shortly the Teddy numbers are replenished by a method not to be discussed. But alas the monsters return as well.

This reduction and replacement continues for several generations but over time the monsters find fewer foolish Teddies to consume as the smart Teddies become the dominant form. So they move on and leave the Teddy World alone.

Well, at least that's one story. You can create your own. This website has a similar story. For the older student to demonstrate the gene shift that takes place this pdf. is better.

Science and cookies, a good combo. PRM

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Meg_L said...

hmm, I may like this one better than my M&M one - the story is more fun.

Thanks for coming by and saying that the info from Boy's college search has been helpful. Good luck!