Monday, April 20, 2009

Break's over

At least, I hope so. There are so many projects in play right now, college decision, trailer trip in less than 3 weeks, Bar Mitzvah to plan, summer camp and year in Israel, just to name a few, that I am finding blogging to be a task and one I can put off for another day.

I love a good road trip but 1720 miles in 7 days was a trial. Noach and I left home last Sunday, and returned Saturday, weary. We enjoyed visiting family and accomplished much in Hot Springs.

Noach will be 13 in July, time for a young man's Bar Mitzvah. We have chosen to have his Bar Mitzvah in Hot Springs rather than in our local synagogue. Our favorite rabbi, the teacher our children adore, moved to Arkansas 2 years ago. Noach wanted Rabbi Fox there for his Bar Mitzvah as he had been for Yakov's and Shoshie's. Fortunately Hot Springs is much closer to their homes for some members of our family so we decided to travel there for the service and festivities. Planning a Bar Mitzvah is hard work for me and even harder at a distance.

My 88yo mom traveled to Hot Springs with us, her home being a convenient halfway point. I think she enjoyed the trip but we were all exhausted when we got back to her house. And we returned to hear that her sister, my Aunt Jean, had fallen and broken her hip that afternoon. Another reminder that so many of my relatives are getting quite elderly. PRM

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Woolfairy said...

Have a wonderful time at the Bar Mitzvah in Hot Springs. Years ago (when Rabbi Harley was there) I was the cantorial soloist on the High Holidays at that synagogue for a few years. (I drove in from Memphis way back when) It really is a lovely place and I have fond memories of it.