Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dinner last night prepared by

NOACH! Thank you, Boy Scouts.

Noach was practicing his cooking techniques because he has to cook for his patrol on their campout this weekend. Another boy was planning to do this when they made out their menu Monday night. He chose fried chicken. When that boy canceled, the leader called Noach Tuesday and gave him the opportunity to fulfill this advancement requirement. Noach grabbed the chance.

So Wednesday morning, Noach went to the grocery with $40 and bought the food for all the meals for his patrol. And Wednesday night, he practiced frying chicken. After a discussion about the difficulties preparing chicken, we hit upon the idea of frying the chicken in strips rather than using bone-in pieces. I well remember my more experienced sisters-in-law advising me prior to my wedding to avoid the temptation to try frying chicken until I had more experience cooking. Chicken frying was not as easy as it appeared, they said. I am experienced now but I still don't fry chicken well or often. Actually we just don't eat much fried food.

The requirements include planning the menu using the 4 main food groups, budgeting, proper storage of uncooked food as well as cooking the meals. We have discussed Salmonella risk with chicken and the need to wash hands often with soap and water. Raw chicken in this setting disturbs this old gastroenterologist. Salmonella enteritis can be serious business.

I know there are issues with the Boy Scouts, especially about homosexuality and atheism, but I have seen how much Noach has gotten out of his scout experience. He is more confident in many ways. He's not an outdoor guy but the activities get him outside and he enjoys them. It has really stretched his comfort zone. I have to be grateful for that. PRM


Lorna said...

The more I look at high school level science, the more I realise that the skills gained by cooking -following a recipe and then gaining enough understanding of rules and regulations before move onto experimentation - are the perfect preparation for being a good scientist. Anyway, this is a pretty good reason to get the children cooking fancy meals whilst I put my feet up :-)

Ruth in NC said...

I think your right, Lorna.

A glass of wine while we relax?