Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letterboxing 2009

Today we met some friends for lunch and our first letterboxing of the year. Actually the last time we went was in November 2007.

With this same group of friends, we found our first letterbox in this park in June 2007. I found some photos from that first time and it was fun to see how much the kids had grown.

We found one box and got out all our notebooks and stamps.

Rain cancelled further searching so we saved the remainder of the boxes in this park until same time next week. PRM


Lorna said...

You have left me intrigued. I have no ideas what letterboxing is :-)

Ruth in NC said...

Letterboxing is a kind of treasure hunt. At this website,, you find a letterbox that is near where you are and you get the clues from the website. You follow the clues and find the box. Some clues are quite clever, with puzzles and references to movies or books, and some are more straightforward.

Inside the box is a stamp and a notepad. You have a stamp and notepad as well and you stamp your pad with their stamp and stamp their pad with yours. You can leave a note about the box or the clues or how the box is in such a beautiful place. Ideally the stamps are handmade, each reflecting something about you or about the box. I have clumsily carved the stamps we carry.

We like to do it because it gives us an outdoor activity to do with friends. We can go back to the same park over and over and find a new treasure each time.