Monday, January 4, 2010

Saying goodbye until June

Saturday night we waved goodbye to Yakov as he headed back to Jerusalem. His plane to Newark was already 2 hours late when we left him at the airport. By the time he got to Newark, 11pm, his plane to Tel Aviv was leaving.

So he spent about 20 hours in the Newark terminal. He told us about sleeping under a row of chairs, lying on top of his wallet and computer. It was VERY cold in the largely empty terminal overnight. It was a surreal experience he said, about a dozen strangers all spread out trying to sleep together but alone.

His 4pm flight finally left at 6pm according to the airlines website. So I believe he must have been spared the further drama of this story,

Flights Out of Newark Airport Halted for Possible Security Breach

He deserved at least one break. I hope he got it. He should be in Tel Aviv by now, on his way to Jerusalem.

Yakov is a great storyteller. This trip no doubt will add to his reportoire. PRM

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