Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shabbat Dinner

Cooked by Yakov. Chicken, wiener schnitzel style. Fried spicy eggplant. Israeli salad, or Arab salad, made by mom and dad.

A year ago, I was not happy about his decision to take a gap year. He spent much of last year in nonproductive ways, doing minimal school, working minimal hours and wasting a lot of time. Another nonproductive year seemed wasteful to me.

I was wrong. At least about the Young Judaea Year Course.

He has learned so much. Cooking, budgeting, organizing himself, things I don't think he would have gotten out of college and living in a college dorm. He also has a better sense of direction about what he wants to do in college. A better sense is an understatement as he had little sense of what he wanted to do in college last year. That was part of the problem we had when he was desultory about applying to colleges last fall and winter. Now he is talking about green technology, neuroscience, etc.

Shoshie wants to take a gap year also. I guess I'll go along with it. PRM

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