Monday, June 30, 2008

Science fun - middle school age

I have spent a lot of time researching my options for doing a science lab/experience for ages 11 - 13 this next school year. I have made a decision.

I am going to use Teaching Physics with Toys, Hands-On Investigations for Grades 3 - 9. I think it is a perfect age to get down on the floor and spin tops and race cars and ask questions. What would happen if you add mass to your top? Does it matter if you add the mass to the spindle or the disk? Sounds like fun to me.

I have 4 likely participants, including Noach. I would like to have 6 kids, 3 pairs. So I will be looking for a couple more and I hope one of them will be a boy. Noach is perfectly happy with all girls but I think he would enjoy another boy as well.

With help, I have found a location for us that I think will work well. I am looking forward to it. PRM


Angela said...

I just picked this up at a convention this year, and it looks like great fun. BTW< if you need a guinea pig for your CM biology program...let us know. My DD will be ready for biology in two years, and we have used CM style for years. There are NO solid secular biology programs out there that are like that!!!

Ruth in NC said...

How well I know that. I hope I will be through in two years. Other things keep interfering.