Friday, June 6, 2008

I've already ordered this

and can't wait to get it. Becky at Farm School mentioned it shortly before we left town last month so I put it on my Amazon list and placed the order as soon as we got home.

Here is a review I found this morning. Every year, as a pre-adolescent, I begged for a chemistry set for Christmas. I never got it. Now I don't need no stinking chemistry set (or Christmas, for that matter). And it sounds like I don't really want the lame chemistry sets that are available anyway.

I am organizing a chemistry lab course for a group of teens for this next school year and I am hoping that this book will provide some cool experiments for us to try. Now I need a place for us to meet. I have done biology in my kitchen but I don't really have the counter space for chemistry.

I am psyched. Noach and I may have to try out some of the experiments when the book gets here. You know, just to make sure everything works. PRM

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