Sunday, June 22, 2008

Not so peaceful week ahead

This promises to be the busiest week of the summer.

Shoshie leaves early tomorrow morning for 3 1/2 weeks at Tel Yehudah camp in New York. That means she the new driver, will spend today touring the area saying goodbye to her many friends. Fortunately, state law requires that she return by 9pm so we will get to see an awake Shoshie for a bit before she leaves. Also, I am glad I made her flight reservation April 1st so she should not have a 2nd bag penalty at the airport. I will be armed with emails.

While I am at the airport with Shoshie tomorrow, the boys will be holding up the family commitment to deliver for Mobile Meals.

Yakov leaves Wednesday afternoon for 5 weeks in Israel with Young Judaea Machon. Pray for the truce to hold. We know that extraordinary measures will be taken to keep him and his co-travelers safe, but we will still keep an eye on the news and his itinerary. He has only one bag packed as directed by the trip staff. He will have to carry it all himself for 5 weeks so there is motivation to minimize the stuff. I will be curious to see how Shoshie manages when it is her turn for this trip next year.

Noach goes to guitar camp every afternoon this week and, next Sunday, he heads to boy scout camp for a week.

JP and I will then have 7 days alone. It will be weird. One year we had 3 weeks alone and that was really weird, but also pleasant. I could cook foods, like Vietnamese and Indian dishes, they would never try. No one had an argument. We were glad when it was over. PRM

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