Friday, July 4, 2008

Homer Sexuals

That's what Jesse Helms called homosexuals.

I am not sad to see another vestige of the Old South pass away. I think he was a mean SOB, frankly.

JP and I went to parent's night at the Boy Scout camp last night. One of the fathers was wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt with the saying, "If you're offended by this flag, you need to study history."

So I guess the death of Jesse will not purify the South. There will still be stupid SOBs.

What we need is a black man in the White House. That's the ticket. I can hope, especially since there are no homERsexuals running. PRM


Aunt H said...

Alternative pronunciation:



Aunt H

Ruth in NC said...

You're right. That's better.

In this house, we always focused on the Homer part, because someone would always say, "Did he say Homer Simpson? Homer Simpson is living a decadent, sinful life? Soo?" Or something like that.