Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Noach's Sixth Grade

Here is the vague outline of what Noach will be doing next year, his 6th grade

Life of Fred Fractions, with some supplementation from Math Mammoth and Primary Challenge Math.

Galore Park , So You Really Want to Learn Spanish Book 1. I ordered this through Ray at Horrible Books and it should arrive soon.

The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe from Ellen McHenry. Noach did the sample chapter at the end of last year and really liked it. I would like to do the requirements of the BSA Chemistry Merit Badge at the same time, an easy addition. I have to discuss this with the scout leader, first, to make sure that what we do will count toward the badge. Noach will also be doing the lab I am teaching. This should take about half of the year.

History from Oxford University Press two series, The World in Ancient Times and The Medieval and Early Modern World. I picked these books up at a drastically reduced price last spring. We are starting with Ancient China. I will add in timeline and map work, as well as additional reading. He will practice outlining and written and oral narration.

He will finish Growing with Grammar, then we will take a formal grammar holiday for a year or two.

That should cover most things, I think. PRM


Anonymous said...

Thank you, your blog entries are helping me with some new ideas for our own homeschooling.

Lorraine in NB Canada

The Ridge School said...

We will be doing the Elements too, thanks to Lornia! And we are also big fans of GWG. So glad to have found your blog.

Jenny in Atl

Ruth in NC said...

Aren't you a Galore Park science user? I'm thinking of following the Elements with that.


Dawn said...

I almost went for Life of Fred this year! Chickened out and went for Singapore though.