Friday, September 26, 2008

What about trickle up economics?

I don't understand why we can't address this bailout to the homeowners who are facing foreclosure. And I think the NY Times is with me from this editorial today,
It’s unacceptable that lawmakers have yet to come out squarely in favor of bold homeowner relief in the bailout bill...
We could make a strong moral argument that the government has a greater responsibility to help homeowners than it does to bail out Wall Street. But we don’t have to. Basic economics argues for a robust plan to stanch foreclosures and thereby protect the taxpayers’ $700 billion investment.
I don't trust Paulson myself. He is one of them, those who brought us to this place. And I don't think, despite what he says, that he has the best interest of the taxpayer at heart.

I know I am out of my league in this issue but whenever Bush declares a crisis, I flinch and start looking for the lie. Maybe this one is the wolf, I don't know. And it seems that Bush can't pay attention until there is a crisis, or someone tells him there is a crisis.

All in all, I'm ready for a new president. And I want Obama to show some leadership here so I can feel that he will be better. But I find myself missing Hilary right now. PRM

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