Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Dear Yakov,

Congratulations on your admission to Your Favorite College. We hope very much you will choose to come here. To get you started and give you a taste of the program, I have enclosed a copy of Homer's Iliad, the first book we'll be reading together if you come to YFC."

They know how to schmooze him. Send him a copy of the Iliad. Putty in their hands. PRM


Katya said...

I'm going to take a wild guess and say, "St. John's"

I wasn't allowed to apply but my baby brother went there. :-)

Ruth in NC said...

You are right!

Did your brother like it? Is he gainfully employed? That's my DH's concern. Four years of reading cool books and then what kind of a job?

Katya said...

My brother LOVED it, met his current wife there, and IS gainfully employed. He works as a writer at a high-end ad agency and his wife works at an art museum. :-) All of his friends are gainfully employed.

I was not allowed to apply because my dad had the same concern as your dh... After seeing that you could get a useless education at any college (me) they let my brother apply.

Ruth in NC said...

I'll share your info with DH and Yakov. Perhaps it will reassure DH.

We are waiting to hear from UNC Chapel Hill, a much cheaper alternative for us. Not easy for homeschoolers to get in though.

Yakov only has eyes for Santa Fe right now.

Are you a homeschooler, too?