Monday, February 2, 2009


After a long weekend to visit my ailing father, followed by a long week of ailing myself, I am back to blogging and other things.

After finding this site, My Science Box, and especially the Genetics and Evolution Box, I altered the way I planned to do DNA and genetics with my 10 - 14yo lab kids. In fact, the organization is almost the opposite of how I had planned to do it. But I like this new way.

And it started well today. But I forgot to get pictures. Just let me say that the kids all enjoyed filling out the traits sheet. Each had one parent and most had a sibling hanging around so they could fill in the form about other relatives. Next week we will make babies. PRM

**link fixed, I hope


Explore Academy said...

sorry to hear about your dad and hope you are feeling better. the link above is bad but I'd love to have it. can you email it to me? Also, I am teaching some classes this spring at my home on historical topics and wanted to share that info with you as well. I'll email you if I can find your email.

Ruth in NC said...

I have tried to fix the link.

I am having email trouble (reminds me of a John Waters movie) but I should be able to receive email at