Monday, February 16, 2009

GBBC, Last day

I completed another hour of bird counting this morning. Prior to my last trip to Tennessee, I was seeing many birds at the feeders but not so since I returned. I don't know why that change occurred. The feeders were empty when I got home so the food is fresh. It only takes a few days after refilling for the birds to return usually. The weather was quite warm for several days but has cooled a bit today. Also, I have had Starlings at the feeders for the first time. Could they be chasing away the other birds?

The tally for today
House finch 2
Goldfinch 2
Cardinals 2
Carolina wren 1
Starling 1
Carolina chickadee 1
Mockingbird 1

This is my favorite photo. We had about 10 minutes of snowing. PRM

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