Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking for the groove

The 3 days of jury duty really set me back. It was so distressing to see people behave the way some of those people behaved. And some of us were really trying to do the right thing. I was depressed for several days afterwards. I think I am getting back in the groove. Well, actually there won't be much groove until next week.

Shoshie had a friend from Tel Yehuda come to spend the weekend with her. And the boys spent Sunday night at YJ sleepovers. Noach was local but Yakov had to drive to Richmond to serve as one of the event hosts. Fortunately the snow we had Friday evening was gone by Sunday morning so the drive was not too unsafe. Both boys had fun at their respective events.

Thursday I drive to Atlanta to attend a reception for my brother who is retiring from law practice. My mom and all my brother's kids and grandkids will be there. It will be fun. Then I turn around, drive home so that at 6am Saturday, Noach and I can drive to the mountains for a cub scout/boy scout campout. This is something he needs to do to crossover to the Boy Scouts in March or April. I just hope it is not real cold.

Soooo, maybe next week, we can get our groove back. I need it. PRM

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