Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reading like a madwoman


I have been reading two of my choices and enjoying them both. I hope to have a short review up on each in a day or two. They could not be much more different, heartwarming fiction vs sad, terrifying nonfiction. More info to come.

What we did this weekend was make these guitar stands from PVC for the basement music/movie/game room. JP did most of the work with a bit of help from Noach and me. There are 3 altogether, 2 completed and one to go. The last one is bigger to fit the acoustic guitars. This was a design he found on the internet but the instructions were a bit vague. I think he did an excellent job. I am really looking forward to the day, soon now, when the basement will really be ready to enjoy.

The teens spent the long weekend in New Jersey visiting a friend from camp. A brave mom invited 7 kids to spend 4 nights with her and her daughter. They took the bus into Manhattan Sunday for a few hours. My kids had a great time.

I am ready for a return to routine. PRM

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