Friday, January 4, 2008

Poetry Friday, again

Last year we each brought a poem to share on Fridays at lunch. Noach always read out of a silly poems book, long poems usually, and often he wanted to read more than one. His brother, Yakov, like to share short poems, sometimes haiku or a limerick, perhaps. It was not unusual for farting or pooping to be mentioned, thus creating literary value as measured by the 16yo male. Shoshie brought romantic poetry to the table. I tried to vary the offerings and introduce some classics. They had to be short to avoid whining from Yakov.

This fall we did not start Poetry Friday. Yakov was at the community college on Friday at lunch and it just wasn't the same without the limericks, I guess.

He's back this winter semester, and today, Poetry Friday was back as well. By popular demand. And Yakov shared a cool poem from his study for the Literature SAT Subject Test.

That was fun. I can't wait until next Friday. PRM

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