Friday, February 1, 2008

Catching up

I have been a bad blogger, not keeping up at all. I promise to do better. To whom am I making this promise? I really only have one reader. Hi, there!!

We got back to our routine somewhat this week. I skipped bio lab so we could do Mobile Meals. Since there are 4 of us to help, we are an important part of the MM crew. I try to not miss too much. Also, if we aren't reliable, we lose our favorite route.

I started PT on my shoulder and have had remarkable improvement already. My fingers can meet in the back again. Soon I'll be able to put my bra on the usual way again. Michelle, my fvorite therapist, is very nice and gentle, but pushy and effective, too.

After therapy this morning, I met some friends for breakfast and we sat at the dinner for a couple of hours. That was fun.

Book club was last night and I was the only one to read the book all the way through. AGAIN!!! I enjoyed it. It was Stones in the River by Ursula Hegi.

Well, that's a thumbnail sketch of this week. PRM

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Aunt H said...

Hello to you, too!

Yes, I am definitely a loyal reader.

Love you and yours--