Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Physical therapist, dentist and pediatrician

Three health professionals - three clients. Isn't that a more upbeat word than patient?

I had PT visit #4 of 5. My shoulder moves much better but there is still quite a bit of limitation and pain with certain movements.

Shoshie had a clean bill of teeth at the dentist. Even what she thought was a cavity is not.

Noach woke up with a cough and, as often happens when he gets a URI, began to wheeze. And of course we have no refill on an inhaler so we had to go to the pediatrician. Now he is taking a bit of Prednisone, 60mg a day for 5 or 6 days. I know - that's quite a bit. And the usual course is for him to be very reactive to any exercise for a week or so. He will be missing sports class for a week, I bet.

The other thing we did today is check out 2 exercise facilities, the local Planet Fitness and the Y. I really liked the Planet Fitness. It is relatively cheap and was really nice inside. They call it the Judgement Free Zone and it did feel that way. Of course, we went in at 11am, probably not a busy time. BUT you have to be 13 to participate. That leaves out Noach. And I think he is interested in some weight loss.

So we went to the local Y. Not fancy, not purple and yellow. But plenty of upscale equipment. And Noach can participate in some activities. He will be able to do even more in the summer when he is 12. It is slightly cheaper since Noach, Shoshie, Yakov and I will all be joining. No joining fee in February either. I think I'll join tomorrow.

Shoshie has to meet some physical fitness requirements for the Congressional Award. Yakov has been very conscious of his calorie intake and inadequate exercise for the last several months. His girlfriend must be behind that. And I think Noach has become very self-conscious about his weight. At a recent scout event, some of the bigger scouts were making fun of a fat scout who wasn't there. I could see that Noach was uncomfortable. And, of course, I need to lose weight, bigtime!!

So that's the plan, the YMCA. (Nooo, there's that singing voice again) PRM

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