Monday, February 18, 2008

A cow says moo

A sheep says baa
3 singing pigs say la, la, la

Oh, no you say

I have to stop. But I and the rest of my family could recite Sandra Boynton's text with nary a book in sight. We have given copies to younger family members, generally at birth, which may be a bit early. But, really, how can it be too early to hear these rhymes and see those charming animals?

I hope to start reading it soon to my Shayna Punim via the web-cam we have on the new laptop. What better way to remember her bubbe than to associate her with the words and pictures of Sandra Boynton?

BTW this topic came to me via a NYT article from yesterday about SB in the business section. She's been a very savvy businesswoman as well as writer/artist. PRM

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