Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mystery Class Wk3 Spring is coming?

We plotted our MC data yesterday and could see whose day was getting shorter and whose longer. Also Noach took some pictures in our yard to document the changes with spring. It was not very spring-like early yesterday, a cool 27 degrees when we got up.

This is some new growth on a branch of a rose bush. That's about as pretty as this bush gets. The Japanese Beetles have made rose cultivation no fun anymore.

Tulip poplar bud - The tulip poplar is really a magnolia, not a poplar.

Buds and new growth on the cherry tree. Let's hope there is no frost after the blooms set this year. Last year we lost ALL of the fruit in a late frost. The local orchards lost all their fruit as well. It was devastating to many.

Daffodils peeking out?

Next week, an update. PRM & Noach

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