Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 1

I will try to catch up with our travels starting with Day 1, The Leaving.

We finally left home about 1pm. Well, finally is debatable since we realized, when about 4 miles away from home, that we had forgotten the computer. Now, there was a crucial decision for the parents. If part of our goal was to encourage interaction and discourage reliance on electronic stimulation, then perhaps we should just leave the computer at home. BUT, what if we needed to know the phone number for the river outfitters in Luray or find our way somewhere. So we went back.

We arrived in Crozet about 4pm. The trip was tiring but we got set up quickly and settled in. The campground was lovely. There were trees and birds. A little stream.

There is Jasper next to the trailer. He was a good traveling dog. And a good camper.

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