Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 14 Going home

We left early, at least for us and proceeded to drive for 10 1/2 hours home. We could not get a one night reservation on the road for Memorial Day weekend and we thought about just staying in a WalMart parking lot. But with temperatures in the high 80s it would have been a sweaty and miserable night without AC. Soooooooo, we drove all 449 miles. We got gas on the road, a new venture for us in the Kurgan and the 33 foot trailer. Takeout was not an option but these days many truckstops have Subways and McDonalds. Ummm, tasty eating. And nutritious. I know, Subway is not too bad but the line there was so long I couldn't get anything and had to have Fritos and a piece of Marble Cake. I was rather desperate at that time.

I drove some but JP negotiated Baltimore and DC like a pro. The bad congestion started in Virginia, just outside DC, about 30 mph for at least an hour then it broke up.

Now we are home. A was sick Friday. Now JP and I have it, a rotten cold.

We learned a lot, had some fun, and had some testiness between family members. Like at home, I guess.

That's all folks. PM

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Irtiam said...

Whoo hoo for you guys!!! Glad you're home safe & sound but sorry 3/5 of you have been or are sick.

Your thought that the trip was similar to being at home brings to mind the statement, "Wherever you go, there you are."

It all looked and sounded like a really great trip--a mixture of nature, history & modern culture.

Look forward to speaking with you after you've had a chance to rest up.


Aunt H