Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 5 New Market

Yakov was ill today and did not want to go sightseeing this am. So JP, A, N and I went to the battlefield at New Market.

This battle occurred May 15, 1864 and we were there May 16th. There is a big re-enactment weekend this weekend. This battle was the last significant victory for the Confederacy and is most notable for the participation of the cadets at VMI who were put into battle, including being on the frontlines at one point.

This is the Bushong house. The family hid in the cellar while the battle raged in their wheat field right behind the house. It is so hard to imagine these battles as rows of men just slaughtered each other.

Later we picked up Yakov who was feeling a bit better and went to the Endless Caverns.

There are several cavern attractions around here. We chose this one because it seemed the least tarted-up.

This is the entrance, built in the 20s. The flowers are pretty but hard to see in this picture. I am still working on my pictures.

One of the pretty formations. A "curtain" colored by iron oxide. I have another that looks like pus on a wound. I'll save that one for later.

Later, after dinner, A went fishing and caught this. She was very excited. With a few phone calls for advice, she managed to get it off the hook and back in the water, no doubt to the fish's relief.



Irtiam said...

Great updates!

Love A & N's new hobby. That fish has an amazing story to tell his friends (line stolen from "Thelma & Louise").

My favorite part of the update was Yakov's rejoining the group after not feeling well. His first destination? A place called "Endless Caverns." For some reason, that strikes me as funny. Not sure why.

So cool that you went to Monticello. I've always wanted to go there.

Love seeing the places and especially the people. Love reading your descriptions.
Love you all!

-Aunt H (who is waiting to be picked up for that birding trip)

Irtiam said...

You've probably hit another wi-fi dead zone. How long must I wait to see the pus-on-a-wound cave formation?

Hope you're having a fantastic time.


Aunt H