Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 3 Monticello

We had a 10am reservation for a tour at Monticello. We were supposed to be there 45 minutes early - that was in small print on the receipt. So we were late. We took the 10:45 tour. Makes sense.

It was really cool. What a fascinating man! What a lovely place to have lived.

We took the house tour and the plantation tour. The grounds were lovely.

This is from the north portico - through the trees, you can just see the rotunda of the Univ of Va. Of course you can't see it here. Jefferson was most proud of the university - his favorite of his accomplishments.

Is this not the coolest tree(s)? A smaller tree has grown around the older and much larger tree. It looks like an alligator crawling up the tree.


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