Tuesday, May 8, 2007


things are looking better. The converter was replaced so we have power again.

I spent time putting stuff in the trailer yesterday. What should we take? What will everyone eat? Where do I put everything?

I can't wait to leave. I think it will be fun.



Irtiam said...

I'm so excited for you!

Maybe take some books on tape/CD.

Maybe bring some tree and bird field guides and some binoculars with you.

I was just telling A about the time you and I saw all those wonderful bluebirds years ago. Do you remember? It was a major highlight of my birding career.

Now that I think about it, ditch the family, come pick me up, and let's go birding!!

Love to you and yours.

Traveling Jews said...

I saw a bluebird today in the trees across the street. I'm always a bit uncomfortable seeing them so close to the house - murderous cats about.

I JUST put the binoculars out a little earlier tonight. N has been studying astronomy in Cub Scouts so I want to look at the stars as well. I hope we will be away from so much light pollution in the campgrounds.

Love, PM