Friday, December 28, 2007

Book club and worry

Last night was book club night. We went to the movies as is our December tradition, if you can call a second year plan a tradition. Last year we watched To Kill a Mockingbird at our house. This year we saw P.S I Love You in the theater. We read the book a few months ago and wanted to compare. Always, or nearly so, a mistake. There was little similarity even in the plot, except for the basic setup - young man dies but arranged, before his death, to send his wife letters intermittently to help her move on. In the book, the husband is helping his young and somewhat immature, insecure wife grow up. The letters help her address and overcome certain weaknesses in herself.

The movie HAD to add a bit of pop psychology that I found particularly annoying. The wife's father had left the family when she was 14 and now her husband's left, even if not of his own volition. But, how could she ever trust a man again? Blech!!! In the book, the wife's family is mostly happy and largely normal. She did not like her oldest brother, but during the course of the story, she comes to really know and love him. Actually that plot line was one of the sweetest in the book.

We had dinner after the movie, having gone to the cheaper matinee show. Our dinner was somewhat restrained by the absence of one of our members. She is undergoing a workup for possible breast cancer and had an MRI earlier in the day. They are concerned she may have inflammatory CA. This is worrisome. PRM

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