Monday, December 17, 2007

Marshmallow making

While we waited for friends to come over this morning, Noach and I made marshmallows. I used the recipe from Farm School, one of my favorite homeschooling blogs. We rolled them in crushed candy canes when we finished. It is about 42 degrees outside and should fall to about 25 tonight. I think that is cold enough for hot chocolate. When our friend arrived, she told us she had made them with peppermint flavoring in them. I think I may try that next. Maybe a little red coloring?

With our friends, we played our new game from Hannukah, Apples to Apples. There were six of us playing and it was really fun. It would be even more fun with even more people. I'm trying to talk Shoshie into having a homeschool teen party here to play music and games. They probably won't let me play but it still sounds like fun. And I can use that event as the impetus to get the rest of the family moving to make the remodeled basement into a usable space. PRM


Becky said...

They look wonderful! How did you find the recipe?

And thanks so much for the kind words about the blog. And for thinking it's a homeschooling blog :). Some weeks I'm just happy to be able to turn up in time for Poetry Friday!

Ruth in NC said...

They were wonderful. And easily made.

I enjoy your blog because, while I envy your rural life, I prefer to enjoy the weather vicariously. The best "homeschooling blogs" in my opinion are less about homeschooling and more about life.

I do enjoy yours and other Poetry Friday postings. We have gotten out of the Poetry Friday habit here this fall but I plan to start it back up in January. My 11yo and 15yo requested it and I can't ignore that. PRM

Anonymous said...

Adie and I are going to try making these tomorrow! It was great talking to you today.


Aunt H.