Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our 6th Homeschool Band Winter Concert

According to Dr. R, it was the 15th winter concert but, for us, it was the 6th. The winter concert is always a challenge because the Beginner Band has been playing for only 4 months. And often they don't play well together. And sometimes they don't play well alone either. It always reminds me of that scene in The Music Man, when the boys start play discordantly and a mother calls out proudly, "That's my boy on the clarionette." (I know that's not an exact quote.) Last night the Beginner Band sounded pretty good. There were only about 8 members and they stayed together. I remember the first one we went to, when Yakov was playing trumpet and Shoshie squawking the clarinet. The band was awful, just awful. And they were so proud of themselves. And so were we.

Now Yakov plays the bass and Noach percussion in the Advanced Band. Shoshie dropped out this fall after 3 years of oboe playing. The Advanced Band played very well. There are a lot of trumpets and they stayed together. Dr. R told me again what a leader Yakov is, how he has really helped the new bass player improve. I suspect this will be Yakov's last year. He will be 18 next fall. I cannot imagine not going to these concerts. PRM

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