Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dear Aunt H,

Uncle J and A,

Thank you for letting me stay with you during our recent trip. It was nice to wander around your house, nap on the sofa, and eat out of my own dishes rather than being penned up in a kennel with a bunch of noisy stranger dogs. I am glad I was able to meet your neighbors on our pleasant walks. I wish I could have spent more time with Kiki, Sammy and Tammy but I appreciate their sharing their home with me. I still wonder what a hamster's butt smells like. Maybe next time.

Love, your doggy nephew, Jasper

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Aunt H said...

Dear Jasper,

It was a pleasure to have you! We loved having a dog again, if only for a few days. And you are such a sweet dog, both eager and easy to please. We will have radishes waiting for you on your next visit.


Aunt H, Uncle J and A

P.S. Tammy's cage needed cleaning while you were here, so I'm sure you got a few whiffs of hamster butt (or its products, anyway). Nothing to write home about.

P.P.S. Please give Mr. T (the reptile one) our regards.