Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Chanukah

Homemade applesauce, made with Granny Smith apples, and latkes, potato and zucchini. The latter looked more like hash-greens, according to Yakov.The dreidel pinata takes a whack from Shoshie. I bought the candy so it's filled with cherry and mint kisses. And some tootsie roll pops for everyone else. Nothing for the dog, who required restraints and removal. PRM


Aunt H said...

Happy Chanukah, Sweet Ones!

We're off now to eat Chinese food and then to go bowling! (Not even kidding.)

Walgreens may or may not make it onto our agenda.


Aunt H

Ruth in NC said...

Hope you had fun.

We ate Thai and had planned a family movie out but couldn't find anything that pleased everyone. So we watched Sword of Doom at home. And the boys played Wii.

Love, P

Lorna said...

I love your dreidel pinata idea! I hope you are all having a wonderful Chanukah. Thank you for sharing your celebrations.