Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reading Challenges for 2009 - Part II

Now, the second part of my plan is related to our decision recently to stop getting our local newspaper. This was a difficult decision - I have been reading the daily newspaper since I was a kid. But the local paper has become so uninformative that I just can't justify keeping it. And, yes, I know I am contributing to the demise of print journalism, something I am not proud of. But I hate to keep paying more money for a product that does not satisfy. I tend to read the NY Times online with a few other blogs and online magazines daily. We can even do the Jumble online each day.

So I am challenging myself to keep up with other print material we continue to get at home, either weekly or monthly. These include

1. The Economist - I subscribed about a month ago but it has not started arriving yet. We have subscribed to the Economist before and it seems that after a few weeks I get behind and can never catch up. I challenge myself to read it weekly. It is a joy to read. You can learn so much about parts of the world you rarely even think about.

2. New Scientist - I replaced Discover with this weekly that should start any day now. I challenge myself to read this one weekly as well.

3. The Atlantic - I usually do get this one read, unless I carry it somewhere to read and misplace it. That seems to happen too often.

4. Hadassah Magazine - I get this with my Hadassah membership. I only joined to get a discount on camp tuition for the kids but this magazine has some good articles almost every month. I'm going to keep up with this one as well each month.

So that's it, my reading challenges for 2009. Also to read my monthly book club book. And to just keep reading novels and nonfiction. And memoirs and travel books. As the saying goes, Too many books, so little time. And magazines. PRM

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