Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Darwin's birthday

is coming up on February 12th. I think it is extraordinary that Lincoln and Darwin were born on the same day, 200 years ago. Both men were so pivotal in their respective realms. Time Magazine, I think, had an issue last summer comparing the impact of the two men, finding Lincoln's effect to be the greater. I think that is an American opinion. Darwin clarified what is now the fundamental concept of biology, a far-reaching change.

Lorna, of Socks and Books, reminded me of some programs on the BBC Radio 4, In Our Time and Beyond Belief. Take a listen. Enjoy Lorna's photos of Darwin's home as well.

I chose the picture above because I like that it recalls the young Darwin, the young fellow on the Beagle who walked the rocks and sand of the Galapagos. PRM


Lorna said...

I agree; in fact Darwin's discovery could be said to have had an impact on people's views of slavery. If all humanity shared a common ancestry then all mankind must be equal. My choice reflects my own bias as a citizen of the Rest of the World though ;-)
I like the picture of Darwin as a young man too. The older pictures make him seem very removed from our world.

Ps I love your new header. I am bursting to know where it is.

Ruth in NC said...

The photo is of the aqueduct at Caesarea, with the Mediterranean in the background. We were in Israel in 2005, so long ago.

I'm hoping to learn some web design soon so I can improve the blog look. I'm pretty illiterate at this point.

Ruth in NC said...

My children say we went in 2006. It still feels like a long time ago.