Friday, January 16, 2009

Young Judaea

YJ is the peer-led youth organization that has been a large part of Yakov's life for the last 4 years. He began going to camp when he was 10 and has gone every year but one since that time. He LOVES camp. He LOVES Young Judaea. Last summer he spent 5 weeks in Israel with YJ. Next year he hopes to take a gap year and do Year Course, which is 9 months in Israel. This has been his goal pretty much since the first time he dropped his duffle bag on the dirty wooden floor of a cabin in the mountains of NC 8 years ago.

Four years ago, he attended his first YJ convention. He ran for Mazkir of his region and won. Mazkir is equivalent to the president. He did this for 2 years then ran for Mazkir of the Merchav, which is a larger region, covering the area from DC to Arkansas to Puerto Rico.

Young Judaea will be 100 years old this year. Since 1967 it has been supported by Hadassah. Now there is trouble for both. The economic downturn has really hurt Hadassah's financial situation and then there is this man.

Clearly a schmuck. Bernie Madoff took $90 million dollars from Hadassah.

In the last two days, YJ laid off all its regional employees, the young adults who help Yakov organize the conventions he and his friends run. YJ laid off much of the Israeli staff for Year Course. They will be relying on "volunteer" staff this fall. They are selling the Youth Hostel where Shoshie would be staying part of her time in Israel this summer.

This is very sad. PRM


Lorna said...

Oh that is so sad. I loved the Girl Guides in Scotland when I was younger. We had the most amazing leader who took us away on camps almost every month, and once on a long coach trip around Europe. I was very shy at school but at guides I made so many friends and built up a self-esteem I couldn't manage without.
I am so grateful to everything I learned at guides. It was there and not school where I learned about other countries and religions; lots of wonderful songs in other languages and how to really take care of myself.
I hope Young Judaea survives with the enthusiasm of parents, children and leaders to weather its storm.

The Ridge School said...

It's one thing to be a thief, it's another to be a thief of your own people. It's a kind of evil even I don't understand.